Play The Lotto Online

Play The Lotto Online


Lotto is still the most popular gamble of the Germans. For many, it is also the only product that does not have a rude image, but where there is a lot of money, there is also a lot of frivolous behaviour. Let’s find out what forms of lottery are available online, what the licensing looks like and what to look out for so that there is no nasty surprise.


The different lottery licenses


This is the part that completely confuses most customers, because it is extremely non-transparent and unfortunately often handled in this way. In principle, three types of licences must be discussed here: the state provider, the intermediaries of the state offer and the private lottery bets licensed abroad.


The state lottery – a monopoly


The lottery offered by the state is the lottery we have all known for many decades. This is the merger of all the national lotteries, each of which offers its own lottery. The total pool flows naturally into one pot and so the jackpots of the “6 out of 49” classic, which we all know, are created. From the self-state lottery also come the things we know like the huge Eurojackpot (merger with foreign state lotteries to get higher jackpots), the lucky ones


Mediator of the state lottery

The state, as is so often greedy and not intended to share revenue with others, but courts forced them to allow intermediaries. Private companies hand over lottery tickets to the state lottery. But you play with the well-known government offer. Why then one should play here some wonder. The answer is simpler than you think. The pages are often more pleasant, the bonus offers for customers are better and also in support the offer of is gladly beaten. In addition, there are the old-fashioned payment methods, as PayPal and Giropay, for example, are not offered. Hesse has taken over responsibility for this category for all federal states. The following offers are available online and approved as intermediaries:


  • (ohne Baden-Württemberg, Berlin und Saarland)


Private lottery providers – betting on lottery


This is the product that is most difficult for most customers to comprehend. If you look at what the state provider says, you would think that criminals are at work here, but that is not true either. This is due to the complex construct. The most important details:


  • The lottery is not approved by the German state.
  • The provider reflects the German lottery offers.
  • A bet is placed on the lottery numbers.
  • The gaming experience is 100% the same as the lottery.
  • MUCH greater offer of lotteries as foreign lotteries are offered.
  • The jackpot win is 100% covered by special insurance policies taken out by the companies.
  • Here, too, there are licences in other European countries and you should take a close look at whether a company has such a licence.


That was a lot, wasn’t it? We will try again in detail in the following paragraphs:


Betting on lotteries

How do bets on lotteries work? For the customer, the course of the game is 100% the same as with the normal ticket tax, but the tickets are not transferred to the individual state lotteries, but remain with the provider. The bill is based on the fact that these numbers will come and the winnings will be mirrored 1to1 as in the state lottery. Most of the profits are paid out by the companies themselves. The huge jackpots are ALL insured, so that in case of cracking, the insurance jumps in and pays it out. is always trying to make this method frivolous, but we don’t know of any case where customers haven’t received their jackpot win.

Clear advantages: The providers can actually mirror any lottery and thus you can participate as a German in monster jackpots like Powerball or Euromillions. The state wants to deny this, because it only wants to offer its own lottery. In addition, this system is much more flexible when it comes to bonus offers and gifts to customers.

Clear drawbacks: A claim abroad involves more hurdles, which is why you have to take a closer look at how serious such a lottery provider is. That is also why we are very happy to provide information.


Licences for lottery bets


There are both licensed and unlicensed providers here. As always with gambling: Fingers off providers without a license!!! There is no alternative to this and there will never be one. Licences are available in other EU countries and the most widely used lottery betting licences come as expected from Malta, The UK and Gibraltar. Licences outside the EU come (not surprisingly) from Curacao. With these providers it really has to be seen twice, even if there are also absolutely serious offers there.


It is also important to take a close look, as many providers have very different licenses. Many also carry casino licenses to offer more games.


Lotto Online PayPal


As mentioned earlier, this issue shows the benefits of private intermediaries, which, unlike the state provider, have arrived in this century. For this very reason, they also offer modern payment systems such as PayPal. It can definitely be found at Lotto24 and


With the lottery betting offers you will find all payment methods AUSSER PayPal and the reasons are actually quite simple. PayPal requires a license issued in Germany as a basis and none of the lottery betting agents can offer it, as they are licensed abroad. Who is asking how some casinos can offer PayPal: they have a casino license from Schleswig-Holstein, which is sufficient for PayPal.


Lotto Online Review

We look at as many providers as possible in great detail, but we recommend to read the reports really, as there is no perfect provider. Some don’t have the payment method you’d like to use, others don’t have the lottery product you’d like to play. That is precisely why we are giving an assessment covering all the OBJECTIVE criteria, because we can really evaluate them. However, our focus is much more on general education than in the individual test.

Lotto Online Free – also as a TV trick

Can I play Lotto online for free? You can do that, but it will get it almost exclusively in the lottery bets regulated abroad. They can be much more flexible with bonus offers as there are no physical/real lottery tickets purchased here.

The free participation of the game is also gladly used by the private lottery betting agents to advertise on German television. A portal will be set up with only a free offer. This can then be advertised, since no money is accepted. Of course, you will then want to be lured to the payment offer with this data.

We regard this type of advertising as ethically questionable, but would not classify it as a fraud. This is mainly a legal trick. To whom this procedure seems familiar, poker rooms have been doing this for a long time.


Questions about the lottery game online


We also answer questions on this topic again and again. We’ll publish the most frequently asked questions in this section so you can quickly find an answer. Besides, we are glad not to always send the same answers!


How secure is Lotto online?


At the end of the day, the question that is all about us, as you can see from the report. The question of how secure lotto is online is not so easy to answer. Basically, if you play with reputable providers, lotto online is absolutely safe. We would also stress that dismissing private lottery betting agents as frivolous or fraud is absolutely wrong. Here, just as with other providers, we have to look closely, but there are also absolutely serious options in this area.