Jackpot City Casino

One of my favorite casinos from the past has recently upgraded and added lots of new games. So Mayor Sterling invited me to take another look at his pride and joy, Jackpot City Casino.

The new attractions at Jackpot City Casino include all six of Microgaming’s progressive slots, my favorite Jacks or Better Power Poker, four cool Bonus Feature slots, and of course all your old favorites including blackjack, baccarat, craps and lots of table games, video pokers and slots.

Jackpot City Casino, some of you may recall, was where I first experienced the thrill of the now classic CashSplash progressive slots – and while I didn’t hit a jackpot, I hit two sevens and a CashSplash symbol for a nice payout of $600. Sadly, I haven’t been that lucky since, but then I am not a regular slots player and so only chase the progressives when they reach high jackpot values.

The Mayor is so proud of his newly refurbished city that he’s currently offering all new visitors a 100% match bonus of up to $50 deposited. Quite naturally, I accepted his kind offer and went on my merry way, eager to explore the riches to be found.

First stop at Jackpot City Casino – Aces or Faces video poker, the same game on which I hit a royal flush at another casino, the only one I have ever hit at any online or land-based casino. Sadly, it didn’t do much for me – I had one pat straight but otherwise only one other paying hands in about 15 plays. Time to move along…

Just next door, another of my favorites, Jacks or Better Power Poker. You may recall that I seem to have a fatal attraction to this game, never winning – and that attraction still appears to be strong, for I continued my losing ways here. Surely there must be riches somewhere…

Aha… a Craps game… last trip to Vegas the ladies were hot with the dice, but I was cold as ice. Surely I must have warmed up by now? “Seven Out…” seemed to be the croupier’s mantra at Jackpot City Casino.

My dismal luck didn’t change at the blackjack tables, but then I didn’t expect it to. Perhaps I just wasn’t cut out to be a gambler… I lose online, I lose at the real casinos, but hey, for a few bucks I get a heck of a lot of entertainment.

As usual, I didn’t earn a payout – but their support is provided by Proc-Cyber, which – while not the fastest on earth, are generally reliable and safe. And of course, like all Microgaming casinos, you can audit your own activity through Playcheck and Accountcheck.

Before I left, I promised the Mayor that I would be back soon – for, like most Microgaming casinos, Jackpot City Casinohas a large offering of the best games on the Net. Now only if he would give me the key to the city…

Jackpot City Casino is the sister of the well-established Gaming Club Casino, River Belle Casino, Aces High Casino and Orbital Casino. With the same established management and a reputation for honesty, I am certain you will have better luck than I did – so take advantage of Mayor Sterling’s open invitation to all to visit Jackpot City Casino – don’t forget to collect your 100% match bonus on site!